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  Low Loader Trailers 5-6-7 tonne capacity  
All models are complete wth 70mm 6 stud axles, 12.5/80x15.3 ply tyres, road lights including front marker lights with side reflectors, hydraulic brakes and two large capacity lifting rams. The trailer is locked in its raised position by two ram length pivoted channels. This ensures that no weight rests on the rams when travelling. The floor is a 5mm chequer plate extended over the rear wheels for carrying ropes, chains, etc, and has a 4inch rail to prevent loss. Rope hooks are fitted every 2ft, with chain bars at either end and centre. Hydraulic pipes run inside the drawbar to prevent damage.  

• 5 Tonne Deck size 16ft x 8ft
• 6 Tonne Deck size 18ft x 8ft

• 7 Tonne Deck size 20ft x 8ft
• Other sizes available upon request.
  Optional Wheel & Axle equipment  
  Single Axel (80mm) 8 stud on 305/70R-Radial Remould
Carriage and VAT Charged at cost.
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